LAGERS offers many different combinations of benefit options.  Each employer chooses the benefits it wishes to provide for its employees and may change benefits once every two years.

These options may be changed once every two years by an employer's governing body:



Request a Supplemental Actuarial Valuation


The valuation determines what the employer's contribution rate would be if it were to adopt the change.  Each LAGERS employer may receive one free valuation from the actuary each year (July 1- June 30).  LAGERS actuary will bill the employer for additional requests made within the same year.  Receiving this valuation does not obligate the employer to make the change, but is the the first step required by Missouri State law.

Step 1


Benefit changes apply only to those employed in LAGERS covered positions on or after the effective date of the change.  Retirees and those that have left employment would not be eligible unless they would re-employ after the effective date of the change.

If an employer elects to increase its benefit program, the upgrade will apply to all past and future service credit for all active employees.  If an employer elects to decrease their benefit program, the downgrade will only apply to future service credit for all active employees.  Past service earned at the higher benefit program will still be calculated at the higher level.


LAGERS benefit calculator is available to help estimate the impact of a benefit change on employee benefits.



Supplemental Actuarial Valuation must be made Public Information for at least 45 Calendar Days


The valuation must be made available for public inspection for at least 45 calendar days before the employer's governing body can adopt the change in benefits.  Most employers utilize board minutes to satisfy this requirement.

Step 2



An Ordinance / Resolution is Passed to Adopt the Change


After the 45 day public information period has passed, the governing body of the employer may pass an ordinance / resolution to adopt the change in benefits.  The effective date of the change will be the first of some future month chosen by the governing body.  A signed, certified copy of the ordinance / resolution must be received at the LAGERS office before the effective date and within 10 days of the election to adopt the change.


Step 3

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