In addition to retirement benefits, every LAGERS member is also covered by LAGERS disability benefits.

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What is a LAGERS Disability?


A member is considered to be ‘disabled’ if he or she is totally and permanently physically or mentally unable to perform his or her current job. Whether or not a benefit is payable and how any applicable benefit is calculated, depends upon the nature of the disability and member’s LAGERS status at that time.


Disability Benefits are an important part of your overall benefits package, read our blog to learn more!


Non-Duty Disability


A member is eligible for a non-duty disability benefit if he or she has at least five years of service credit and becomes totally and permanently disabled from non-occupational causes which prevent the member from performing his or her current job. The monthly benefit would be computed in the same manner as a normal retirement, based upon salary and service credit at the time of disability, with no reduction for age.


Duty Disability


If a member becomes totally and permanently disabled from job-related causes, he or she may be eligible for a duty disability benefit regardless of the amount of credited service. His or her benefit would be calculated in the same manner as a normal retirement using the final average salary at the time of disability and service credit he or she would have earned to age 60.

In the event a member becomes totally, but not permanently disabled from performing his job because of a job-related injury and begins receiving worker's compensation, he or she will receive service credit.


The temporary benefits payable under the LT (life and temporary) benefit plans do not apply to disability retirements.

All disability applications must be received within one year of the date of disability.


A medical committee composed of  the member’s personal physician, a LAGERS physician, and a third physician mutually agreed upon by the first two review the disability case and make a recommendation to the LAGERS disability committee based on their findings.  All applications for Disability Retirements are approved by LAGERS Board of Trustees.


If a member is approved for and begins receiving a LAGERS disability benefit, continuing medical examinations are required once per year for the first five years of the disability and once every three years thereafter (until normal retirement age) to verify that the disability still exists.

Required Medical Examinations After Disability Retirement


1-5 years following a disability retirement



6 years - Normal Retirement Age following disability retirement





Normal Retirement Age +



1 Exam Per Year




1 Exam every 3 years





No Exams Required

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