An employer must be a Missouri "political subdivision," defined by RSMo 70.600 (19) as any governmental subdivision of this state created pursuant to the laws of this state, and having the power to tax, except public school districts . . .



Your Employer May be Eligible to Join if:

It is a Missouri 'Political Subdivision'

Has Taxing Authority

Is Governed by an Independent Board



The Process to Join LAGERS:


  • 1.  LAGERS reviews prospective employer's current retirement plan and/or investment program.

    State law prohibits employees from receiving credit in LAGERS for the same period of time they received credit in another plan 'similar in purpose' to LAGERS.  LAGERS will review the prospective employer's plan document(s) to determine if the plan is similar in purpose to LAGERS.  If the plan is found to be similar in purpose, the employer may still choose to pursue membership, but the prior service coverage options may be limited.  If the plan is found not similar in purpose, the employer may pursue membership with all prior service coverage options available.


  • 2.  LAGERS' actuary determines the employer's cost to provide LAGERS benefits.

    An initial valuation completed by LAGERS' actuary is necessary before the employer joins in order to establish the employer's contribution rate.  The valuation is a 35 page booklet with the cost figures for all LAGERS benefit options calculated based on the employer's current workforce.

    To request a valuation, LAGERS must receive information about all of the employer's full time employees by completing a Personnel Data Form.  An Excel version of the form can be requested by e-mailing LAGERS at:

    There is a fee to receive this valuation.  A fee schedule is included with the Personnel Data Form.

    The figures in the valuation are valid for two years.

  • 3.  The valuation must be made public information for at least 45 calendar days.

    Before the employer's governing body can elect to join LAGERS, the valuation must be made available for public inspection for at least 45 calendar days.  Most employers choose to include discussion of the valuation in the board's official minutes to get the 45 day period started.


  • 4. The employer's board may then adopt an ordinance / resolution to become a member.

    LAGERS will provide the employer with ordinance / resolution language that should be used for joining the system.  A signed copy of the ordinance / resolution must be received at LAGERS office within 10 days of the election to join and before the date membership is to become effective.

Missouri Local Government Employees Retirement System

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