Member Forms


Each full time employee must be enrolled when hired.  If the employer is using the ECLIPSE system for monthly reporting, please complete the enrollment process online and do not send this form to LAGERS.  If the employer does not use the ECLIPSE system, send this form to LAGERS as soon as possible after the employee is hired.

Need help with the beneficiary section?



A member should use this form for name and/or beneficiary changes before retirement.  Members may also change their beneficiaries using the myLAGERS web portal.



Members may purchase up to 4 years of military service to be converted to LAGERS service credit.



Vested active LAGERS members who have previous non-Federal Missouri public employment that was not covered by a retirement plan or that was covered by a retirement plan but they did not become vested in that plan may purchase that service to be treated as LAGERS service credit.





Former Member Distribution Forms


Use this form if you are no longer a member of LAGERS and wish to forfeit service credit by receiving a refund of your employee contribution account balance or a lump sum payment of the reserve value of your deferred benefit.  Click here for more information about your options after leaving employment.



Use this form if you are a beneficiary or personal representative of a former member and you wish receive a refund of the former member's employee contribution account balance.



This form should be used by a beneficiary of a deceased member who was actively employed in a LAGERS covered position at the time of his or her death.



Use this form if you are a beneficiary of an eligible former vested member who passed away before receiving his or her monthly benefit.





Retirement Forms


Use this form to apply for normal, early, deferred, or disability retirement benefits.  LAGERS must receive this form no less than 30 days before you wish for your retirement effective date.



A member or former member should use this form to instruct LAGERS to electronically deposit his or her monthly benefit or lump sum payment directly into a bank account.



Submit this form in addition to the Application for Retirement when applying for a disability retirement benefit.


Use this form to reinstate a disability retirement benefit.


Change of Address Form

This form should be used by benefit recipients who have moved and need to inform LAGERS of their new address.  It is very important to keep your address updated.



For retirees choosing the amount withheld from a retirement benefit for Federal and/or Missouri State taxes.  Starting, stopping, and/or adjusting tax withholdings may also be completed on the myLAGERS web portal.  Your benefit is likely not to be taxable in Missouri if you have moved out of the state.  LAGERS will only withhold Missouri income taxes and will not withhold or forward withholdings to any other state.  Please contact the Missouri Department of Revenue if you have questions about the taxability of your LAGERS benefit.


Public safety retirees may choose to have health and long term care premiums withheld from their monthly benefit.  Up to $3,000 of those premiums may be deducted from Federal income taxes.


Update your beneficiary online using myLAGERS!

Estimate your military service purchase online using myLAGERS!

Apply for a refund or lump sum payment online using myLAGERS!

Apply for retirement online using myLAGERS!

Adjust your withholdings online using myLAGERS!

Adjust your healthcare deduction online using myLAGERS!


Change your address online using myLAGERS!

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